How to make Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe is unique because it’s easy to drink, easy to make and is a perfect blend of the best flavours. It makes a great dessert when craving something sweet or drinks, like a hot cup of coffee on cold winter days.

 For the chocolate layer, you will also need Hershey’s Cocoa Mix, which includes hazelnuts, cocoa powder, and sugar for extra flavour.

Hershey's Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe
Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe

What is the Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe?

This unique hot chocolate recipe includes Hershey’s Cocoa Mix, just a combination of cocoa powder and sugar. The recipe calls for a cup of foamed milk spray or foam, but you can use any milk you prefer. It’s delicious and easy to make. Furthermore, it’s very rich in flavour.

Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe is a unique recipe with cocoa powder, sugar, and foamed milk. The hot chocolate has a chocolate sauce blended with two shots of espresso and one shot of whipped cream. This amazing recipe is rich in flavour and delicious to taste.

How To Prepare Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe?

  • Prepare Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 15 minutes
  • Serves: 1


  • Two teaspoons of Hershey Cocoa Mix
  • One tablespoon of Hershey’s Syrup
  • Four tablespoons of foamed milk
  • One shot espresso
  • Whipped cream (topping)

Method of Preparation Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Step 1: You want to pour some boiling water into a glass and add two teaspoons of Hershey’s Cocoa Mix.

Step 2: Next, you want to add two tablespoons of Hershey syrup along with foamed milk and stir in gently.

Step 3: Pour one shot of espresso along with another four tablespoons of foamed milk for that rich foamy texture.

Step 4: Now mix all the ingredients in your hot glass and serve with whipped cream or place on top for a hot chocolate dessert.

Nutrition Facts of Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Calories 452
Calories from fat 36
Fat 8g
Saturated fat 6g
Cholesterol 58mg
Sodium 68mg
Carbohydrates 69g
Sugar 61g
Protein 6g
Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe

8 Amazing Serving Ideas of Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1. Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe is a great hot chocolate to serve with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

2. If you want something with more substance, try adding some peanut butter and cashews on top of your whipped cream.

3. This hot chocolate would taste amazing if you served it with vanilla wafers and a dollop of raspberry jelly.

4. If you want to make this hot chocolate recipe more decadent, add a scoop of peppermint ice cream.

5 . This hot chocolate recipe would taste amazing if topped with crushed peppermints and a drop of green food colouring.

6. To make a rich chocolate frosting to top your hot chocolate choose one stick of butter, one cup of powdered sugar, ¼ cup of cocoa powder, and ¼ cup of milk.

7. For a more chocolate flavour, try using the hot chocolate sauce in your recipe. Add about one teaspoon of hot cocoa for extra flavour if you have this hot chocolate with whipped cream.

8 . You can add a little syrup to this recipe if you want an even richer and thicker consistency.

Hershey's Hot Cocoa | How to Make

Do you like this Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe?

I like Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe. I love the way it is rich in flavour and creamy, and I also love that it’s delicious to drink as a dessert.

Where can I get Hershey’s Cocoa?

You can easily find Hershey’s Cocoa Mix online. If you have a coffee shop or restaurant you run, chances are they already have this exotic mix on hand. If not, you could buy some foil packs or pick up a box of your favourite kind at the grocery store.

What is the recipe for Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe?

The recipe for Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe includes cocoa powder, sugar, and foamed milk, which makes a rich chocolate presence.

What do you think about this hot chocolate recipe?

This hot chocolate is rich in flavour and tastes great for any occasion. It’s very easy to make and allows you to drink or serve it as a dessert. Hershey, Syrup, Hot chocolate, Cocoa Mix, Whip Cream, Formers, and Hazelnuts Cocoa powder is mixed with sugar and flavouring.

After that, two cups of hot water are added to the mixture, which turns into a rich foamy texture. This rich cocoa mix is mixed with chopped hazelnuts and whipped cream for that special flavour.

How can I get more information about this recipe?

If you want to learn more about this hot chocolate recipe, then you should visit their website. You can also buy your favourite cocoa mix online and have it shipped directly to your house.

Do you have any variations for this hot chocolate recipe?

You can sprinkle any other topping you like while making this hot chocolate recipe. You could also add a little cocoa powder to enhance the flavour.

Is hot chocolate better made with milk or water?

Regarding the choice of liquid, hot chocolate is better than milk. If you’re making hot chocolate with all water, then you should use very strong water to stand the strong richness and dark chocolate taste.

What kind of food colouring do you recommend?

You can try different food colouring to make your hot cocoa taste more delicious. Depending on your preference, you could try red or green food colouring.

What is the best way to make powdered hot chocolate?

Mixing six tablespoons of cocoa with two cups of powdered sugar can easily make powdered hot chocolate. After that, you can add three cups of boiling water to the mixture and stir well.


Hershey’s Cocoa Hot Chocolate Recipe is a classic hot chocolate with added flavour. This hot chocolate is rich in flavour and makes for a delicious treat. You can make this as a drink or make it into a dessert by adding toppings like whipped cream and nuts. This recipe is very simple to follow, so you can easily get the hang of it and prepare delicious hot chocolates that your loved ones will enjoy.